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Erving's Companies


Erving's Companies, LLC is a brand that started in 2015, and is the foundation for many other companies, our goal is to help individuals and businesses succeed. On saying that, we'll break down each company and the services they provide.


Erving's Training & Consulting

Erving's Training & Consulting provides Freight Broker Training & Consulting services for those that are interested in joining the Logistics Industry. Our detailed, end to end training experience is what makes us who we are, making sure anyone that has an interest is well trained and prepared for any obstacle the logistics industry may bring. Our Freight Broker Training course is one week, after training, we place you with a brokerage so you may exercise what you've learned. To learn more, please visit our website at ervingsconsulting.com


Erving's Connect Logistics 

Erving's Connect Logistics provides Full Service Brokerage services to the Logistics Industry, providing full and LTL truckload services, specialized services and rail services. To learn more, please visit or website at ervingsconnect.com

Erving's Creative Studio 

Erving's Creative Studio provides web design, logo creation, SEO, online store services and more. To learn more, please visit or website at ervingscreativestudio.com

Erving's Photography Studio 

Erving's Photography Studio provides wide range of photography services, including lookbook photography, editorial photograph, commercial photography, and video photography. To learn more, please visit or website at ervingsphotography.com

Help Erving's Help Others 

Help Erving's Help Others is Non-Profit that provides training services to those who can't afford it so they may join the work industry. These training services are provided for free to those who qualify. To learn more, please visit or website at helpervingshelpothers.com

Erving's Store

Erving's Store is where we sell our branded products, we have t shirts, hats, polo shirts, masks, and more. All proceeds from our store go towards helping those in need. To learn more, please visit or website at store.ervingscompanies.com



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